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All you need to do is send us your documents and let us know into which languages you require them to be translated.


Our express service can have simple documents turned around in less than 1 day.


We only use certified translators. Our linguists are all professionals in their specific fields and languages.


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We are a translation company in Bramham cum Oglethorpe United kingdom that is very passionate about delivering professional translation services for both individuals looking for a document to be translated and also certified but also for firms that aspire to develop their organization into other countries. We will always provide you with the very finest services at a very reasonably priced rate.

From translating university or college documents or marriage certificates to a full localisation of your website for a new target audience, we will do everything we can in order to supply you with the services you’re looking for at a very competitive price.

DHC Translations offers translation services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including evenings, weekends and public holidays.

When you have a request that can’t wait for the morning, you can send a message to our office and we’ll commence your translation right away.

Certified Translations from just £40!

Certified Translators Bramham cum Oglethorpe

DHC Translations has certified translators throughout Bramham cum Oglethorpe ready to get to work. Simply send us a message telling us what you need along with a photocopy of the document (if applicable) as well as the languages you want it to be translated into and we will take it from there.

Sometimes certification is a legal requirement to ensure your document to be acknowledged in governmental departments. There are a lot of terms used when talking about translation services. Certified, Notarised and Sworn are some of the most frequently used terms.

Our Bramham cum Oglethorpe situated Certified Translation Services make certain that your translation is backed by one of the UK’s top rated translation services organisations. When you apply for a visa, work permit, marriage registration, mortgage, etc. or place on a university study course, certified translations of supporting documents could be expected from you.

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From just £40

Our Bramham cum Oglethorpe centered Official translation services are performed by extremely competent translators and our translations are acknowledged by all UK government bodies such as the Home Office along with the General Medical Council (GMC) . Seeing as there are various kinds of certification it may be best to consult the relevant officials exactly which sort of certification they want.

DHC Translations additionally provides translation services for Immigration law Cases. With hundreds of clients including government authorities, immigration legal professionals and voluntary organisations making use of our services daily on an ad-hoc or "exclusive contract" basis, there's no language service requirement that we can't meet as we have thousands of linguists available who are specialists in these fields.


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We're a team of experienced translators in Bramham cum Oglethorpe. We have native linguists who are all completely accredited translators who were hand picked from Bramham cum Oglethorpe to make sure that the work that they provide is top-notch. We are able to provide yourself or your organisation with translation services in more than One hundred languages, drop us an e-mail at contact@dhctranslations.com to find out more.



Our Bramham cum Oglethorpe in house translators are definitely one of our strong points. Not only do we have freelancers from all over the globe we also have an in-office team prepared to get to work. Having translators in the workplace means that your project is meticulously monitored and that work deadlines are kept. The whole process is very simple from start to finish.

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We believe that it is important to work in a team. It is crucial that your translation is correct and sounds natural to your target audience. What sounds natural to one person might not sound the same to another. This is why our Bramham cum Oglethorpe translators always work in a group with a minimum of 2 people. This is for smaller projects and of course the size of the team would expand for bigger projects that require much more work.



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