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Who we are

We're a team of experienced translators based in Manchester. We have native translators who are all fully qualified translators who were hand picked to make sure that they provide perfectly natural translations.

We can provide yourself or your business with translations in over 100 languages, send us an e-mail at contact@dhctranslations.com for more information.

Why choose us?

Our in house translators are definitely one of our strong points. Not only do we have translators from all over the world but we also have in-house translators ready to get to work. The reason for this is that we feel it is important to provide our clients with fast translations who opt for our express service. Having in ouse translators helps to speed up this proceess as we don't have to rely on freelancers all the time.

We have professional certified translators in the office ready to get to work. Having translators in the office makes it so that your project is closely monitored and that deadlines are met. The process is simple from start to finish.

Our aproach

We feel that it is important to work in a team. It is crucial that your translation is correct and sounds natural to your target audience. What sounds natural to one person may not sound the same to another. That is why our translators always work in a team of at least two people. This is for smaller projects and of course the size of the team would expand for bigger projects that require a lot more work.

24/7 Support

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with the best support possible. You can contact us 24 hours a day 7 days a week and we will reply as soon as a representative is available to help you with your query.

Interactive Office Environment

We value Work Ethics & Environment as it helps in creating a Creative Thinktank
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