Notarised Translations

Notarized Translations UK

Notarized Translations UK

A notarised translation is of your document is sometimes required for the courts, this is usually the case when the document in question is to do with a criminal case. You may also need your translation to be notarized for admin purposes.

What is a notarised translation?

A notarized translation is a step further than our normal certification process which is handled by us, DHC Translations. In order for a translation to be notarised the translator is required to swear an oath and to sign the affidavit before a Notary Public. The translator must state that the translation is a true an accurate representation of the original document.

How to get a notarised translation?

It is always best to double check with the person or relevant body or authority which type of certification they actually require. We advise you to do this as Notarisation can be a costly processes especially since it’s the Notary Publics who decide the fee, not us.

How much does a notarized translation cost?

Unfortunately the prices are dependent on the Notary Public. We have no control over how much they charge but we are in contact with various Notary Publics that can notarise your translation. As we have your best interest at heart we are always looking for the best deals for you.

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