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Welcome to DHCTranslations. We offer professional certified translations in over 100 languages for individuals and businesses alike.

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Is your Video Game missing out on potential clients? It is common knowledge that people are more likely to buy and play your game if they can read your game in their own language. As the expression goes “time is money”. People don’t want to spend hours struggling to understand what your game is about, they want to go onto your website, read what your game is about and buy it from you so they can start enjoying it! Here at DHC Translations we provide professional translations for Video Games of all sizes from small start ups that are trying to make it to international brands that want to expand into new markets.


We fully appreciate the need for professionalism and we like yourselves take great pride in our work. With excellent background knowledge of marketing we understand what keywords people want to see that will lead to the best conversion rates for your Video Games. Translating a word from English to another language or vice versa that works in English may not necessarily be the best suited one for the target language. At the end of the day the better your Game does thanks to our translations the more money you will ultimately make.

Languages That We Translate To & From

We currently offer translations in over 100 languages including English French Spanish Italian German Swedish Norwegian Danish Latvian Russian and Chinese. For a full list please click here. That being said should the need ever arise that you need a translation to or from another language please feel free to contact us and we will get in contact with one of our partners to make sure you get the translation you need for your Video Game.

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