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What Makes Us Stand Out

We think that having in house translators is a basic requirement however with most translation businesses this is simply not the truth. Having translators in office greatly helps to improve turn around time and also means that each project can be overseen so that there is a smooth process between us receiving the work and returning it to you.

A s always we only use native speakers of the language, that’s to say whether you require a translation from English to Nepalese or a Nepalese to English translation we will always use a native English speaker in partnership with a native Nepalese speaker. This process ensures that there is no confusion or misunderstandings.

English to Nepalese Translation Services

When translating from English To Nepalese the text will expand by around 20-35%. Of course this can change based on the nature of the text, the tone that you wish to convey and also any design requirements.

It is therefore very important to note that if you require a translation for a website navigation bar that the designer might have to tweak the design so that it fits nicely into the layout of the website.

Nepalese To English Translation Services

When translating it isn’t always possible to translate word for word and therefore the length of text will either expand or contact depending on the subject and tone of the text. We have found that there is a contraction with Nepalese to English translation of around 20-35%.

Target audience

This leads us on to the target market. It is essential to have the right translation for the right audience. A translation of the same document targeting children or teenagers will require a much different translation than one targeting people that are much older. Overlooking these small issues will make the difference between a successful translation and a mediocre one.

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Nepalese Translation Services
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