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Spanish Document Translation

Translating documents from Spanish to English or vice versa could be a tough job especially even for speakers that are fluent in both languages. The best option for you to get this Spanish translation done is to hire a certified professional to translate the document for you.

DHC Translations can do the translations for you at a low cost. We have Spanish speakers who are native speakers and who are very proficient at translating the language. We can effectively translate both simple documents as well as legal contracts that can be a lot more complicated.

Translation Services Offered

DHC Translations has several Spanish translations services. Below are the services we provide.

Home Office And General Medical Council Approved!

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Certified Spanish Translation Services

DHC Translations understands that legally recognised Spanish translations are important. Hence we provide certified Spanish translation services to clients not only in the United Kingdom, but internationally as well. We provide certified translations for Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Death Certificate, and Divorce Certificate. For a more extensive list of our document translation services please click here.

Our company has worked with various clients ranging from private individual to multinational companies. DHC Translations has been recognised as one of the best providers of certified Spanish translations. Our services are accepted by UK authorities, which include the Home Office, Courts of Law, the NARIC, the General Medical Council, insurance agencies, educational institution and many more.

Notarised Spanish Translation Services

Notarised translations are usually required for legal purposes. It might be that the document will be used as an evidence for a criminal case. Notarized translations can also be used for admin purposes. The main difference with a notarised translation compared to the other types of translations is that the translator is required to swear under oath and to sign the affidavit in the presence of a Notary Public. The translator must swear that the translated document is a true and accurate translation of the original document.

Notarized translations are applicable to legal documents such as driving license, insurance documents, adoption papers, immigration documents, and others. In case of doubt it is always best to ask the relevant authority exactly what they require.

Business Spanish Translation Services

Business is one of the most requested translation services. Businesses usually want to expand globally and this would mean communicating to people from different countries. Most companies would request for their web page to be translated into different languages to expand their market. This is part of marketing strategy, which is very vital in today’s internet-savvy society.

Automatic translation through software which can be linked to the website can also be utilised but this is not always accurate. Thus, companies would rather pay a professional translator to accurately translate their website’s content rather than letting a machine do all the work.

Spanish Translation Services

Consistency in the Document

Business translation services that we offer not only cater to company websites but also to other marketing documents, technical documents, financial documents, academic certificates, and others.

Medical Spanish Translation Services

DHC Translations also offers Spanish translation services for medical documents translations. This is very important especially for patients who are seeking treatment outside of their home country. This will help the doctors understand their medical history to provide the proper care and treatment that they need.

Doctors and health care providers of foreign patients should be able to accurately understand their general documents, medical records, discharge instructions, and other medical documents. It is very crucial that documents like these are precise and well translated since even just a slight error could cause a misdiagnosis and might be fatal. Thus, professional translators who also know medical terminologies are important to get Spanish translation services for these kinds of documents.

Video Games Translations

Video games can be played best by gamers if they are able to properly understand the instructions on the game. Gaming companies usually hire translators to translate the gameplay and instructions of each game in different languages. If you are in a Spanish market our Spanish translation services will help the gamers in being able to play the game better. Aside from that, it can also help the company reach a wider market globally.

Why is Hiring a Professional Translation Services Important?

Hiring non-professional translators can be risky, especially if you are going to let them handle very important documents like those used for legal or medical purposes. Inaccurate translations can give your statements different meanings, which can put you or your business at risk.

Aside from this, below are some of the reasons why getting your documents translated by professionals is very important

Quality Spanish Translation Services

Everyone looks for the quality of any product or service that we are paying for. This is the same with Spanish translation services. A high-quality interpretation of your document to or from the Spanish language can only be achieved when a professional does it. Similar to any type of service, the more experienced the person doing the job, the higher the quality of the service is provided.

High-quality translations are very important especially with documents that contain sensitive information. The translator should be precise and should be able to clearly express thoughts and ideas no matter how complicated or technical they may be. This will be hard for amateur Spanish translators. This is why we only hire professionals to work for us..

Certified Document Spanish Translation Services

Cultural Accuracy

Some languages have distinct characteristics which only native speakers are able to deliver. Therefore, aside from the correct word usage and grammar, which our native Spanish-speaking translators can best deliver, they will also be able to incorporate cultural influences into the final translated document.


Consistency is important in a lot of aspects. It is important that accurate translations are provided on every part of your document. If done by an amateur translator, there might be a chance that some parts of the document might not be translated well and this is of course not something that we want.

For your clients or customers, it is also important that your documents are consistently translated well. It will not help your business if your clients see an accurately translated document one day and a poorly translated one on another. Inconsistency will not help boost the credibility of your company or business.

DHCTranslations is very much proud to say that our translations are consistently accurate every time. We will be coordinating with you during the entire process to make sure that any complicated jargon or terms are consistent.

Technical Terms

In every field, there are particular terms that only the people who belong in the certain field understand. The legal and medical fields are some examples of fields where there are a lot of jargons. You don’t have to worry about these as we have translators who are also specialists in different fields who can help during the translation process.

Why Pick DHCTranslations for Your Document Translations?

DHCTranslations has been providing the best Spanish translation services in the UK for several years now. We are also currently providing translations to different clients all over the world. Authorities in different fields like the Home Office, Courts of Law, the NARIC, the General Medical Council and other agencies and institutions recognise the quality of our work.

High Quality Spanish translations

DHCTranslations is confident to say that we provide high-quality translations every time. This is because we have professional translators who are native speakers of not only the Spanish language, but other languages as well. At the moment, we are able to provide quality translations to over 100 languages. Aside from making sure that we provide our clients with documents that are properly translated, we also make sure that technical or specialised words are used properly as well when needed.

Professional Spanish Translators

Our professional translators are very proficient with their respective languages. Most of them are either native speakers or linguists. Thus, we are confident that the translations we provide are accurate and consistent.

Low-cost Spanish Translation Services

Our prices are very affordable, and our way of calculating them is very simple. We charge a minimum fee of £20 for smaller documents and £40 for Certificates for up to 400 Spanish words. For documents with over 400 words, the charge will be £40 and there will be an additional £0.09 for every for every additional word. DHCTranslations’ website lists all translation prices upfront, unlike other translations companies who give you a big surprise once you learn how much you will be paying for the document.

Secured Information

We highly value our clients’ privacy and we make sure that all information given to us is secured and protected. Our website lists down all our privacy policy so the details of how your data is protected and secured is are clear for everyone.

24/7 Customer Service

DHCTransactions has very good customer service that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our customer service representatives are very friendly and can assist you with your questions and concerns about our services. You can send in your queries through email contact@dhctranslations.com or also via chat. Our representatives will be in touch with you as possible.

We also have a Facebook and Twitter accounts where you can also relay some questions or feedback and get more information about us.

Great customer service

You can contact us 24/7 by sending an email through to contact@dhctransactions.com and our customer care representatives will get back to you as soon as they can.

Our representatives are not just friendly but are also accommodating to your needs and inquiries.

Steps on How to Get Your Spanish Translation Now

To make use of our Spanish translation services, all you need to do is to fill out the form on the website and submit the necessary information we need. You will then be requested to upload the file that you need us to translate.

The received details and document will be reviewed. A project manager will be assigned together with two or more professional Spanish translators. The project manager will be responsible for managing the team working on your document. You will also be advised if we need further information from you.

The whole team will commence working with your document as soon as they have all the necessary information. Another native-speaker of the targeted language will then read the document to make sure that it is well translated and can be understood naturally by a Spanish local. It will also be checked for any typographical errors.


Our translations are accepted by all UK authorities including the Home Office and the General Medical Council.


Our translators are experts in their various fields and languages with years of practical experience.


Our linguists are trusted by thousands of clients and reputable businesses all over the world.


We pride ourself on our customer support. Our support team is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to answer any queries you may have.

The Spanish Language

Spanish is an Indo-European language that belongs to the family of modern italic languages (neolatine languages). The standard Spanish corresponds to Castilian, which is the main dialect of this language. It was a language which for a long time was only one of the neo-Latin idioms spoken in the Iberian peninsula, and became the dominant language of Spain when that country had no other capital but Madrid.

If we go back even farther, it does not appear that the Iberian Peninsula, prior to the Roman conquest, possessed a single language. A writer of the eighth century, Luitprand, speaks of ten idioms still spoken at the time of the Emperor Augustus. He quotes only the Cantabrian, the Celtiberian, and the ancient Spanish; But it can not be said whether the Cantabrian is reproduced without much alteration in Basque, and if, under the name of ancient Spanish, we mean the turditain, the bastule, or any other dialect. The Phoenician and his Carthaginian variant had to influence more or less the primitive idioms of Spain; But as a result of the Roman conquest, the very division of these idioms, which had neither the strength of a social bond nor the interest of a literature, favored the progress of Latin, which soon Supplanting. However, they did not disappear altogether from the native population, since, on certain medals of the Roman Empire, we find the bastule used concurrently with Latin.

The Spanish Language

The Sueves, the Alans, the Vandals, and the Visigoths, by invading Spain at the beginning of the fifth century of the Christian era, brought with them their Germanic languages: the first three peoples were soon effaced; The more inclined to adopt the manners and language of the vanquished than to impose their own, Latin, despite the introduction of some Teutonic elements, remained the dominant language of the country. The Arabs exercised a much greater influence: on their arrival, in the eighth century, they already possessed a cultivated language and a literature full of the future. Arabic spread rapidly throughout all parts of Spain; In cities subject to Muslim domination, it was understood and spoken by the natives, and even in the Christian states, a multitude of medieval medals present legends, sometimes Latin and Arab, sometimes entirely Arab. This language, which received the name of romanzo, is one of the Romance or Neo-Latin languages. Like the other idioms of the same group, it was formed from Latin, which is its main background, and some Germanic elements; But its distinctive feature is the addition of an Arabic element. Spoken at first in several dialects, it became a national language only after the union of the various Christian

In general, the Castilian differs less from the Latin than Italian: most of his words present only a slight modification of Latin, according to laws very easy to grasp. For example, in radicals, e changes to ie (tiempo; temps; de tempus); O in eu (bueno, bonus, c in g seguro, securus); F in h (hacer, of facere, p in b sobre, of supero); T in d (vida, de vita); Cl, pl and fl in Il (llamar, do clamare, lleno, de plenus, llama, de flamina); Li in j and in g (hijo, of filius, mujer, de mulier). While the Italian rejected almost completely the final consonants of Latin, and that French, while preserving them in spelling, made them disappear in pronunciation, Spanish kept them better, in the conjugation Especially: words like fuimus, fuistis, fuerunt, he made fuimos, fuisteis, fueron. But, while leaving the Latin conjugation to a great extent, the German influence has led to the suppression of the passive voice, and in the declension, the use of prepositions instead of casual flexions.

One wonders then how it is defined today, the “standard Italian”, it is understood as the linguistic norm for communication. There are several definitions of standard Italian, Darden (2005), for example, calls it "a language that has been artificially leveled as a result of contacts with other varieties and to 'normalising action sets mainly from political power"; according Bonomi (2010), however, is defined as the language inherited from literary tradition, described in grammars and taught in schools and foreigners. "To conclude, we must not forget the fact - emphasised by scholars in the field - that the standard in speech is owned by a very limited number of speakers (about 1% of the population): actors of cinema and theatre, voice actors, radio and television announcers who have completed courses in diction, some teachers and professors particularly sensitive topic.

Translating Spanish

The development of the process of literary translation is not, in principle, different from that of other kinds of translation, such as scientific-technical, legal, biblical translation and other religious writings, etc. The problem is to establish quality criteria, criteria that allow us to qualify the right product. You can not judge a translation of good or bad, since they are subjective and global judgments that block the possibility of a detailed analysis. In addition, good and bad are extreme positions that resemble moral criteria that have nothing to do when we judge a product of intelligence and the human spirit. Successful or appropriate as some say, it is a relative value, as should be any valuation on a human realization, which a translator creates (by a work contract) to serve a reader who buys and uses this product. As Paul Valèry says, translating is producing different analogous effects.

Spanish Translation

However, in order to objectively evaluate any literary translation, it is convenient to stick to the framework arising from a set of general principles or a technique that can be used as a guide for that study, as well as reference points for any evaluation.

These general principles, which I shall analyze later, have been applied to the study of a particular novel The Bell, by Iris Murdoch (London: Chatto and Windus, 1958) and the translation of it by Flora Casas: La campana , 1983). My theoretical exposition will be of a rather limited scope, since I do not pretend to speculate with the various theories of translation.


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