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Website Localisation is taking the extra step when translating a website. A well translated text is one thing but when it comes to your different counties who speak the same language a simple text translation is not always enough. Let us take a look at the following example. You have a website that is in English and you want to expand into the Swiss market. So naturally you would want a French version of the website. However in Switzerland they often use other words that don’t exist in Standard French. An example of this would be “mobile phone”, in French this would be translated as “portable” however in Switzerland it is more common to hear “Natel”. It isn’t wrong to translate “mobile phone” as “portable” but translating it to “Natel” would sound more natural to a Swiss person.


In today’s world of technology and a generation who start to use the internet from such a young age your website is a key element and most likely the first way that new customers will see your brand. A well translated website can help you to seal the deal by winning over the customer’s trust and faith in you as you have taken the time to show them what you have to offer in their language.

Website Localization Is Important

Although having a translated version of your website is essential for anyone looking to expand into a different market it is equally as crucial that the website be localized for the target country. The reason for this is that it’s human nature to want to feel comfortable and at ease. Your potential clients and customers will feel a lot more at home if they can read your website’s content without noticing that it is a translated text or it is not the correct dialect they are used to. This in turn increases conversion rates as people are much less likely to click off of your website as they feel more comfortable browsing what you have to offer.

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