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Our same day service can have simple documents turned around in less than 1 day.


We only use certified translators. Our linguists are all professionals in their specific fields and languages.

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    Polish Translation Services

    Polish Translation services are a necessity nowadays. That is why DHC Translation is here to provide you with the best Polish translation services that you will ever need. So, if you feel the need for translation, then you have made the right choice in choosing DHC as your translating partner.

    With DHC Translations, you have the privilege of having a team of professional Polish translators working for you and they are not only proficient in Polish and English but also in other languages.

    Translation Services Offered

    DHC Translations has several Polish translations services. Below are some of the services that we provide.

    Trusted Polish Translation Services

    In business, trust is the key to success. That is why all of our translation systems and processes are regularly checked. This qualifies us to provide you with the highest global standard in the industry.

    Our translators are highly-skilled. To ensure that our clients are provided with the highest quality of translation, our systems undergo thorough validation and constant testing. Thus, enabling us to provide legally certified Polish translation services for almost any country.

    Fast Turnaround Time

    Need fast Polish translation services? DHCTranslations can provide a very quick turnaround time, even with large or bulk documents. Using their years of experience, our linguists can concurrently finish up to 3,000 words per day with multiple translations. For smaller documents we can have your Polish translations turned around in less than an hour!

    Fully Certified Polish Translators

    Aside from our pool of over 2,000 translators, we have everything that you could possible want for your Polish translation service needs. With our patented systems, we can hand pick a translator that will best suit your translating needs. This process also enables us to come up with the expertise that you are looking for in a translator, thus, speeding up the process of translation in an efficient and precise manner.

    Because of this systematic approach, materials with sensitive information or technical in language can be conveyed clearly and safely

    Professional Polish Linguists

    To give you the best Polish translation services, our Polish translation teams are specialised scholars that have a diverse range of knowledge and specialties across the industry. They are not only native Polish and English speakers, they also have a minimum of 5 years of experience in translation or interpreting.

    To be able to provide high-quality Polish translation services to our clients consistently, our DHC translators always make sure to invest time and energy. They are highly-trained to the point that they can quickly identify the regional dialects or distinctions of a language to make their translation sound natural.

    To ensure that we provide clients with a quick turnaround time, translators are also hired in-house so that that have the capacity to work anytime especially for important Polish translation projects. That way we can easily monitor them and make sure deadlines are met.

    Quality as Always

    As can be said with anything, the more you do something the better you become at it (generally speaking!). That is why in the business of Polish translation services it is highly recommended to hire professionals to get the job done with quality without worrying about errors.

    We always make sure that every Polish translation is thoroughly monitored and proofread to ensure 100% accuracy and to make the final translations appear to have been written in the target language.

    The Polish Language

    It is, of course, important to understand the Polish language before entering the business of Polish translation services. The Polish Language is part of the West Slavic languages and Polish speakers predominantly came from the Lechitic subgroup.

    This is the dominant language of Poland and other minorities with the Polish alphabet as its standard alphabet which also has its roots from the Latin alphabet. Polish is second to Russian as the most spoken Slavic language in the world.

    Translating Polish

    Poland is the largest of the East European countries. It has a population of about 39 million and is considered among the most influential countries in Central and Eastern Europe. With its rising GDP, Polish translation services have become critical.

    DHC Translations only use native-tongue translators to preserve the uniqueness of the language and culture. These translators are not only linguists but also graduates in various subjects in the industry. This enables our Polish translators to have an in-depth knowledge of a particular sector which is best suited to your requirements.

    Polish Translation Services that DHC Translations Offers

    DHC translations are one of the fastest growing companies in the business that is always ready to serve you. We make sure to cater to every Polish translation services need with exceptional quality. Along with a friendly and reliable customer service team, we are bound to be your ultimate partner in the business.

    As ready as we are to serve you, we are also very happy to offer you fast and efficient services for our different Polish translation services.

    Certified & Authenticated Polish Translation Services

    If there is one thing that defines our company, it is our versatility. We offer a broad range of services that you can choose from. Check out our available Polish translation services below.

    Our Polish translations are accepted and recognised by the Passport Office of UK, the NARIC, and the Legalisation Office. Our Polish translation services have the ability to speed up the the process for birth certificates, passports, academic and marriage certificates at rates competitive and are reasonably priced for your budget. We also provide all levels of certification on documents such as notarisation, statements of truths and Apostilles for legal use overseas.

    Polish Translation Services for Business

    This kind of Polish translation service accepts web translation which is normally what people are looking for when expanding into a new market. People want to know what you or your business is about but if the translation is not accurate enough, visitors may shy away from your website out of frustration.

    That is why you need to hire professional Polish translators to make sure that all the information is accurate and grammatically correct.

    Polish Translations of Medical Terms

    Medical translation and transcription will always be the most sensitive segment in the business of Polish translation services. Translating a medical document is very critical. You may think of it as just a piece paper but what it says may be very important for the patient who speaks a different language or is from another country.

    It is mandatory for health care providers to understand clearly what is stated on the patient’s record and with medical translation, they will be able to comprehend the patient’s medical condition and the medical procedure that they need to undergo. Assessment documents, service agreements and post-discharge instructions are standard documents that may require translation.

    There should be no room for errors when it comes to translating these documents. This is why professional translators with medical backgrounds are the ones required to handle these type of translations.

    Security and Privacy

    We dedicate ourselves to protecting any document or data that you entrust us to translate. To ensure you that we are sincere in securing your files or documents, you may check out our privacy policy.

    Exceptional Customer Service

    Customer service is very vital in our Polish translation Services. Our friendly and accommodating customer service representatives are ready to serve you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can send your questions to and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


    Other translation companies usually have hidden charges that mislead customers. With DHC Translations, our costs are fixed, transparent and are broken down so you can see the exact figures summing up to the total amount. What you see is what you pay.

    Our rates are very affordable. We charge a minimum of £40 for small documents such as ID cards or certificates which includes up to 400 Polish words with an additional charge of £0.09 for each additional word.

    The prices we provide are fixed, and there are no hidden costs meaning that we provide only the most affordable Polish translation services available.

    How to order a Polish translation

    We came up with a few simple steps for you to order our Polish translation services. First, you need to fill out the form so we can understand exactly what you require. You will also need to upload a copy of your file on this page which our team will review. We will then assign a project manager for your translation needs after the review process is done.

    The manager who will take charge of the job will be assigned with two specialised translators. You may be asked for additional details if the information you provided is not sufficient. Once the details are complete and payment has been received, the translation process begins.

    Before the finished document is submitted, a native speaker will proofread the translation to ensure 100% accuracy. In case of modifications, you can check the translated document and feel free to contact us immediately. We will be glad to assist you without any additional charges.

    Our Mission

    Over the years, DHC Translations has dedicated itself to providing top-notch translation services to people not only in the UK but all over the world. We are a fast track translation agency and we engage ourselves in bridging the language gap among the different nationalities of the world.

    That is the principle that has made people choose us as their translation partner for many years. So why wait when you can have a fast and reliable turnaround time for your Polish translation services? Send us your documents for translation, and you will see the difference.


    Our translations are accepted by all UK authorities including the Home Office and the General Medical Council.


    Our translators are experts in their various fields and languages with years of practical experience.


    Our linguists are trusted by thousands of clients and reputable businesses all over the world.

    24/7 SUPPORT

    We pride ourself on our customer support. Our support team is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to answer any queries you may have.


    Please fill in the form below to request a quote for professional certified translations for private or business use or if you just want to find out more information about our professional language services in general.

    We aim to reply within 30 minutes. If you haven't received a reply please be sure to check your spam folders and add our e-mail to your allow list.

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