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Portuguese Translation Services

Translating Portuguese to different languages can of course prove difficult, especially if you are not proficient in both Portuguese and the target language. It’s always best to hire professional translators to get this done especially for documents that require accurate Portuguese translation services like those used in hospitals or in the courtroom.

Here at DHC Translations we offer accurate Certified Portuguese translation services at a very reasonable price. We have native Portuguese and English speakers who can translate any document for you in no time at all.

Translation Services

Our company offers different Portuguese translation services for your documents. Below shows a list of nearly all the types of translations that we provide.

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Certified and Notarised Portuguese Translation Services

We provide certified translations that are accepted by authorities in throughout the world, Europe and especially in the UK. A stamp, signature and date is also applied to every page. A clause is added at the beginning of the translated document saying that it is fully certified. This states that the translated text is completely accurate and true to the best of the translator’s knowledge. Below are some of the translation types under Certified Portuguese translation services category.

Financial Translations

Portuguese Translation services of financial documents should be done very carefully as documents that involve money, assets, or liabilities and debts are of course extremely important. Therefore, it is crucial that the information on the document is properly translated. Financial translations are necessary especially if you have businesses outside of Portugal/Brazil or indeed if you have business that you need to do in Portugal or Brazil. Some of the financial documents that DHC Translations can translate for you are listed below:

  • Accounting
  • Asset Management
  • Commercial and Consumer Banking
  • Insurance
  • Investment Banking
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Real Estate and Mortgages
  • Stocks and Commodities

Business and Marketing Translations

Firms that are trying to expand globally will benefit from hiring professional translators. DHC Translations can help out in your marketing strategies by providing you with the best Portuguese translation services of your marketing and advertising materials. Aside from marketing and advertising documents, below are some other business documents that we can translate.

  • Clinical trial documents
  • Consultation reports
  • Codes of conduct
  • Discharge summaries
  • Machine operating manuals
  • Marketing material (including websites)
  • Operational procedures
  • Patient consent forms
  • Patient information
  • Research papers
Certified Document Portuguese Translation services

Legal Portuguese Translation Services

Documents required in the courtroom need to be translated to the required language. A Notary Public will also notarise these documents if required.

  • Translation of papers, minutes or transcripts
  • Certified Portuguese translation services for all kinds of documents
  • Transcription

Website Translation

The primary purpose of translating the site’s content into different languages is to widen its reach. This is beneficial for businesses or companies who are planning to expand globally. Although the majority can understand English, many people will still understand things better if what they are reading is translated into their mother tongue. There are web browsers that can translate the web page to different languages. However, the results are not accurate and might cause confusion for your readers.

  • Personal websites
  • Business websites

The Benefits of Hiring Professional Translators

There are several benefits you can get when a professional translator works on your document. Here are some of them:

  • Eliminate Miscommunication

The modern Internet has now provided users tools to translate web pages to another language automatically. However, this produces inaccurate Portuguese translation services. Translations made by the online apps might appear funny or offensive as these apps usually do the translation word for word and do not take the context into consideration.

With professional translators, the meaning of what is being translated is vital. Aside from making sure that the grammar is correct, the true meaning of the statements being translated is provided.

  • Culturally Correct Portuguese translation services
Most languages have characteristics that are only distinct to the native speakers. If a native Portuguese-speaking person reads the translated document, that person would know if a native speaker wrote the document he’s reading or not. It is always better if your translated text appears like a native speaker actually wrote it.
  • Consistent Translations
It is important that the translations are consistently accurate all throughout the entire document or article. Amateur translators might not be able to provide the consistency that professional translators can deliver.  Your clients who are native speakers of the language that your document has been translated in to might be put off if what they are reading is not consistently accurate.  If this continues, you or your business might lose credibility.
  • Correct Usage of Technical Terms
Several fields have their own technical terms or jargon, which might be hard to translate if the person doing the translation is not a professional. This is usually the case in medical and legal fields. This is imperative because a misinterpreted technical term could be disastrous. There have already been some reported cases where patients have gotten worse or have been given wrong treatment due to a misdiagnosis as a result of incorrect translations. DHC Translations has professional translators who are also experts in different fields. Thus, our Portuguese translation services are accurate and of very high-quality.
  • Efficient
Professional translators can do the translations at a fast pace, yet with excellent quality and accuracy. This will save you more time as compared to translations done by an amateur. Certified Portuguese Document Translation Services

Reasons to Choose DHC Translations

There are several translations companies around, but there are many reasons why you should pick DHC Translations for your Portuguese translation needs.
  • Professional Translators
DHC Translations has professional Portuguese translators on standby ready to translate any document for you. These translators are not only professionals, but they are also linguists and native speakers.
  • High-Quality
Since we have professional translators who are native speakers of Portuguese, you can expect very high-quality of translated documents.
  • Over 100 Languages
Our translators at DHC Translations are not only capable of interpreting Portuguese documents, but they are also proficient in other languages as well. We offer Portuguese translation services for more than 100 different languages. We can translate to and from a particular language for you.
  • Reasonable Cost
Our translations are surprisingly very affordable. With the high-quality translations we produce, our prices are very reasonable. We charge a minimum of £40 for 400 Portuguese words. If you have a larger document and the number of words exceeds 400, the cost will be £40 plus the total amount of the excess words. The cost of the additional words is computed as £0.09 per word. All prices are posted up front in the DHC Translations website, so you do not have to worry about any hidden charges. We have a table showing the prices for different Portuguese translation services we offer.
  • Customer Service

We value every client we have. That’s why we have Customer Service representatives on standby to assist you with whatever concerns or queries you may have. Our representatives can be reached either through email or chat. You can email them through contact@DHC Translations.com. The chat option is seen on the website itself through a little pop-up window usually on the lower right hand side of the screen

Portuguese Translation Services Order Process

Ordering a translation service at DHC Translations is very easy. You just need to fill out a form from the website with your details and upload the file you need our translators to work on. Your file will then be reviewed, and you will be asked further details if there is any information that is lacking or if there is anything that needs to be clarified. A project manager is assigned who will oversee the project to make sure that everything is on track. For every project, at least two professional translators are assigned, and they will be working as a team to make sure that you get only the highest quality translation for your document. The project manager and translators will be coordinating with you to make sure all details are incorporated. After all necessary data is gathered, our translators will start working on your document. Once the document has been translated, it will be then re-read by another native speaker of the language which the document has been translated into. It will be checked for any areas of improvement just to make sure that there are no grammatical errors and that the words and context are accurately translated to the target language. A final checking will also be done to see if there are any typographical errors. Once everything is ready, we will send the file to you in any file type you require. If there is anything that you need us to amend, just let us know, and it will be modified free of charge. That is our seal of guarantee for the quality of our services.


Our translations are accepted by all UK authorities including the Home Office and the General Medical Council.


Our translators are experts in their various fields and languages with years of practical experience.


Our linguists are trusted by thousands of clients and reputable businesses all over the world.


We pride ourself on our customer support. Our support team is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to answer any queries you may have.

The Portuguese Language

Portuguese is one of the neolatine languages, the one perhaps which has preserved for the most part, if not for appearance, the most resemblance to the common mother. It comes almost entirely from Latin, to the point that scholars have been able to make long pieces of Latin verse with exclusively Portuguese words: but it is a Latin very seriously altered by the pronunciation of the ancient Lusitanians. This alteration consists principally in a system of contraction, which is doubtless due to the hardness of the idiom previously employed; Thus, the Portuguese are mortified for mayor, ma for mala, ceo for cielo, te for tiene, na for la, somente for solamente, etc. They replace the r by l, and say regra for regla, branda for blanda, branca pour blanca etc.

A second special character of the Portuguese language is the contracted nasal sound, by which the ultimate ion, derived from the Latin io, is rendered with a single voice broadcast. Thus, for mencion, they say menção; For resolucion, resolução; For Camoens, Camioes, & c. This contraction is indicated in the spelling (moreover, in conformity with the pronunciation) by a line drawn on the last two letters, and which is called til.

The Portuguese Language

Portuguese has none of the guttural consonants found in the Castilian. The g guttural Castilian is replaced in Portuguese by lh wet: thus, to escoger (to choose), they say to escolher. The Wet of the Castilians is rendered in some cases by lh, in others by ch: instead of llegar (arrive), they say chegar; Instead of hallar, they say achar, & c. This absence of guttural sounds makes the Portuguese more sweet to the ear than the Castilian; It holds, in terms of harmony, the middle between the Castilian and the Italian. He has retained the energetic conciseness of Latin, and remains a tongue at once rich, noble, and graceful, which possesses the amiable familiarity of the Castilian, without admitting the tones sometimes more free. The richness of Portuguese is such that a fruitful author, Frey Luis de Souza, does not use a single word borrowed from a foreign language.

Portuguese also owes to the German conquerors some terms of Teutonic origin, such as bosque, jardim, camisa, alvergar, esgrimir, etc. André de Resende (De Antiquaritus Lusitaniae) collected 500 words of Greek origin. It is estimated that Portuguese contains about one third fewer Arabic words than Castilian.

Portuguese grammar, like that of the other neolatine languages, possesses the auxiliaries and the article; But, by a phenomenon peculiar to it, it supplements, in certain cases, the auxiliary of the passive by the pronouns. Personal, me, te, and so on. : In Latin appellor, appellaris, in Portuguese chamo me, chamas te; Moveor, movo me; Vestior, visto me, etc. Portuguese has superlatives: bonissimo, christianissimo. It also has many derivatives: 15 are formed from the single word pedra, where Latin has only 6. Portuguese conjugation has this peculiarity that it applies flexion to its very infinitive, to distinguish the person Grammatical to which belongs the author of the act expressed by the verb.

Translating Portuguese

Lambert (1941) has always shown a taste for the world of letters. From childhood he was passionate about reading, despite living in a 20 km south of Bruges, Belgium, where The books were difficult to access. The family's efforts José Lambert was the first of the children to attend the Unversity. In 1959, he began a Masters in Arts and later Started to dedicate himself to Comparative Literature by writing a thesis Entitled Ludwig Tieck dans les lettres françaises: Aspects d'une Résistance au romantisme allemand (Études de littérature étrangère Et comparée). From Comparative Literature to the Translation, and these two fields served as the basis for many His reflections, some of them present in this book

Portuguese Translation

José Lambert is a retired professor and researcher at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium. He presided over several International associations, is the author of a vast theoretical and Criticism, embodied in books and articles published in various Countries and languages. He is co-founder, with Gideon Toury, and Honor of one of the most important research centers in Translation Studies: CETRA, at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Who completed 20 years in August 2009. CETRA was created To promote translation studies at a high level. José Lambert Is also one of the founders and editors of Target, the main Journal of the Translation Studies area. In addition, it was one of the Founders of Translation Studies and developed, Together with Gideon Toury, Holmes and Raymond van den Broeck Descriptive Studies of Translation. He was a visiting professor of several Foreign universities and, in 2009, was a Researcher Visitor of CNPq in Post-Graduate Studies in Translation Studies Federal University of Santa Catarina

The twelve texts selected in this book, written between 1975 and 2000, present the intellectual profile and reflections of a scholar Literature and translation, through a Descriptive. This element was what motivated, in part, the Choice of trials. In fact, the writings of Lambert Very precise characteristics of the test, since it presents a Personal, autonomous and original way of exposing ideas, without the use of Of the usual academic jargon.

The article "In Search of World Maps of Literatures", published In 1990, discusses how literatures are studied. According to Lambert, there are two problematic aspects Studies: the normative question, but mainly Eurocentrism Of literary research, which is based on literary histories, That there is a need for more limited sources of information, Because of the way they are constructed they can not explain the Literary phenomenon as a whole, since they deal basically with National literatures.


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