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    Russian Translation Services

    Employing the services of a professional translator enables you to enjoy the privileges that come with it. A translation agency can offer what an electronic translator cannot. For a reasonable price your documents will be perfectly translated and turn-around quickly. Nowadays, there is a lot of competition among companies which offer Russian translation services. This is why it is best to know which of them can live up to their promises.

    DHC Translations has the qualities of a first-rate translation firm. Based in England, our clients are not just limited to the people from this region. We were able to extend our each to clients abroad who need certified Russian translation services for their professional needs. Our team works tirelessly to provide you with the translations of your documents with the best command of language needed; you are definitely in safe hands.

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    Professional Russian Translation Services

    One of the most sought languages in regards to our Russian translation services is the Russian language. A former haven of great communism, it emerged to be as a free-market capitalist country today. However, even when it became a communist-free country beginning in 1991, everything was not a walk in the park for Russia. Years of rapid GDP growth pace, coupled with the people’s personal savings, were chased by an extreme economic slump.

    The cultural features displayed by the Russian people immensely affect their attitude towards trade and commerce. According to a study carried out by the World Bank Group, Russia is among the top places where merchants find it hard to make business deals. This is why you should do extensive research of the country’s culture, business proprieties, and familiarise yourself with their language before executing partnerships with businessmen there.

    Translating Russian

    Globally, the Russian language belongs to the top 10 most used languages. Translating your documents into the famous language of the former biggest country in the world can be your key to sealing enterprise relationships in Russia. When you want to prove yourself in the Russian translation market, it is essential that you make a considerable amount of effort to translate your documents. Taking this extra step will certainly leave a great impression.

    With over 300, 000 Russian expats who are in the U.K. now, it is not surprising to hear about people who need translators to process their requirements for their studies, work, medical documentations, business proposals, and other legal concerns.

    Given that an expat is well-versed with the English language, they still need to hire the services of a third-party linguist to translate documents for them. The government makes it necessary for a third-party linguist, compulsory. Official Russian documents such as educational transcripts, birth certificates, health records, or marriage licenses should be translated into English only by professional translators.

    How to Spot a Good Russian Translation Agency

    The following qualities should be found for you to be able to classify it as a good Russian translation agency:

    1. Excellent Research Skills

    You know you are in great care when the Russian translation company you have chosen to do the job has a good reputation when it comes to its research skills. There are plenty of documents which are needed to be translated into Russian from English or vice versa. It is the responsibility of the company to familiarise itself with your special needs as a client by coming up with research-oriented outputs.

    1. Burning Passion for Language
    A good Russian translation agency should hold the commitment of having a passionate desire towards language. Without this passion, the company won’t be able to execute its mission of providing quality Russian translation services. It should have a wide array of languages in which it is truly an expert. The more languages an expertise has means an endless desire to familiarise themselves with various tongues.

    1. Systematised Project Management

    A systematised project management determines the path of a company. An enthusiastic Russian translation agency will flexibly handle its clients’ needs even if it is rather a challenging task to handle. It should also provide its clientele with an approachable and accommodating team of customer care service professionals. Their dedication to being of service should be among their top priorities.

    1. Specialised Translators

    You know you have made the right decision in choosing a particular Russian translation company if they have specialised departments for different fields. It is not enough that their translators are adept at many languages. They should have the absolute understanding of the subjects of which they are translating. A medical records professional translator, for example, has to have an ample amount of knowledge in the medical field.

    1. High-Standard Translators

    Only experienced translators are worthy of doing your projects. Experience means having years of practice under his or her belt, having a full command of different languages, being a native speaker of at least two or three dialects, and being committed to learning more about his or her chosen field of career. Apart from these qualifications, translators should be able to pass a series of difficult hiring and training procedures to cope with the demanding translating needs of international clients around the world.

    Russian Legal Translations

    DHC’s Russian Translation Services

    DHC Translations offers exceptional Russian translations by making sure that each project is handled by the right team. Our project management delegates the tasks differently according to the professional translators’ field of specialisation. There is a team mainly focused on translating legal documents. There is a group who is immersed with business marketing-related projects. We adopt a tailored policy and this is what makes everything well synchronised.

    Many Russian translation agencies promise to deliver. While they do, many surprisingly do not guarantee high quality translations. DHC Translations is tested by international clients, and its superb staff is highly appreciated. These praises are evident in the reviews that our clients leave via e-mail, google plus and even on our website. Here are just a few of the positive features of our company

    • Inexpensive Services

    Before getting something done by a professional translator, considering the cost is only normal. Many know that hiring professional Russian translation services may not be easy on the pocket. Aside from not giving an exact price, most of them impose hidden charges for their services. This is where DHC Translations sets itself apart from others.

    At a starting rate of £0.09 per word and a cheap minimum fee of £40 for certain documents, you will never have to worry about having to lessen your savings in the bank. What is good about our charging system is that we do not impose hidden and unreasonable charges. Everything is laid perfectly on the table before we start work. You know where exactly where your money is going.

    • We only settle for the best

    Our job does not stop at translating your documents. We never post out any documents which are not reviewed and to the complete satisfaction to our dear clients. We have excellent editors and translators who work together as a team to ensure that every word turned over to you is correctly placed. The life of our company depends heavily on its superb translators who do not get tired of improving their work until they pass the quality assessment.

    • Highly Secured Clientele Data

    DHC Translations assures you that none of your data will be leaked. This means that whatever documents, information, or records which a customer passes over to our company we make it our duty to keep them highly classified to protect their privacy and security. We understand that many of these records hold very valuable information regarding our clients. It is our foremost duty to keep these sets of information in a safe place.

    By using the most updated security technology, we are fulfilling our promise to safe data storage. DHC Translations’ website employs the SLL certificate to lock the documents in a password-encrypted scheme.

    Certified Russian Document Translation  

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    To make use of our Russian translation services, please see below. You can send us an email regarding your concerns and other queries by putting first some of your personal information such as your full name and e-mail address. You can send your e-mail to and wait for our responsive team to get back to your concerns.

    Our Team

    Our company works as a team. With this sense of strong teamwork, we provide quality Russian translation services in no time at all. How? Our translator’s team up in two’s for small jobs. When we are faced with a bigger project, our project managers assign a larger group of people to get the job done. We prioritise your time, and we also value our sense of productivity that is why we eliminate any possible factors that could hamper our mutual progress.

    What Keeps Us on Top

    We stand by our word to deliver only the best Russian translation services that we can. The sense of respect for your time makes it easy for us to give you a fast turnaround. With our unending passion and love for language and our commitment to erase all language barriers in the global community we aim to keep ourselves at the height of our game.

    Other Translation Services We Offer

    DHC Translations continues to give provide people with following fields:

    • Birth certificate
    • Insurance documents
    • Medical reports
    • Asset management
    • Real estate and mortgages documents
    • Market researches
    • Press releases
    • Personal and business websites
    • Outpatient Instructions
    • Academic research papers
    • Machine operating guidelines


    Our translations are accepted by all UK authorities including the Home Office and the General Medical Council.


    Our translators are experts in their various fields and languages with years of practical experience.


    Our linguists are trusted by thousands of clients and reputable businesses all over the world.

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    We pride ourself on our customer support. Our support team is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to answer any queries you may have.


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