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All you need to do is send us your documents and let us know into which languages you require them to be translated.


Our same day service can have simple documents turned around in less than 1 day.


We only use certified translators. Our linguists are all professionals in their specific fields and languages.

    If you have more than 1 file please e-mail us at

    Professional French Translations

    Certified Translators

    DHC Translations is among the fastest growing companies that offers professional and certified French translation services in the UK. The superior quality of our work coupled with excellent and friendly customer service representatives is an asset of which we are most proud.

    For years, we at DHC Translations have been providing quality French translation services to people in the UK and throughout the rest of the world. Every day, hundreds of clients, whether they are private individuals or companies, choose us because of the quality and principles that our company upholds.

    Our translators come from all over the world which helps to ensure that we have the correct translator for the target audience. Some of our translators are in-house which means that they can get to work right away, allowing us to provide a quick turnaround for urgent projects. Since our translators are in the office, we can easily monitor them closely to make certain that the deadlines are met.

    How To Order A Translation

    To order a translation, you first need to fill out the form so we can understand exactly what you require. On this page, you will also be requested to upload the copy of your file. The moment you send the form, our team will review the data that we have received and then we will assign a project manager to the task.

    The manager will be responsible for the job and they will be assigned with at least two qualified translators. If the information you have given is not enough, we may ask you for additional details. When all the necessary details are provided, we can now begin the comprehensive translation process. Another native speaker will proofread the completed job to make sure that it is free of errors and that it sounds natural to the target audience before it is sent back to you.

    You can check the translated documents and if there are any modifications that you want applied, you can contact us right away and we will gladly comply without any additional charges.

    It is as simple as that, you can translate your documents, website, and certificates from French to English or English to French in no time at all and at a very affordable price.

    Cost Of French Translations

    Our pricing is very affordable and is simple to calculate. For most tasks we would charge a minimum amount of £40 for smaller documents such as ID cards and £40 for certifies. This includes up to 400 French words.

    For words more than 400, we charge £0.09 each word. Here are the other translation fee charges. Other companies offering French translation services don’t usually provide a transparent price list, hence sometimes you get surprised with the amount they charge. With us, you get a pricing table so you know the exact amount we charge even before the actual translation starts. The prices we provide are fixed and there are no hidden charges.

    Translation of French Documents

    If you want quick and hassle-free French translation services without spending a fortune, then you have come to the right place.

    Here at DHC Translations we have a team of professionals who are not only proficient in both French and English, but also in other foreign languages.

    Whether you are someone who needs a simple document to be translated and certified from French to English or French to English or if your business needs proficient translators for more comprehensive services, we are the translation agency you are looking for.

    Urgent Translations

    Depending on the document or text required to be translated we can have everything turned around extremely fast.

    With our same day service a standard 1 page document can be translated within around 1 working day and this includes proofreading. Our express service starts at an additional £15.

    Of course, the more complicated the document or text, the longer it can take but we will do everything we can to make sure that you get the certified French translation service that you require.

    Certified French Translations

    Certified document translations are documents which need to be signed by the translator to verify the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the translation. If a Notarised Translation is required then the statement is validated by a notary public. If the particular translation that you need requires credential accuracy like Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates and the like, then you should get in touch with us.

    Our translators are all qualified professionals and our translations recognised by all UK authorities including the Home Office, the General Dental Council, Courts of Law and Universities.

    Many people make the mistake of hiring translators who are not certified professionals. Their main reason for doing so is that the cost for French translation services is so much cheaper, but this error can have disastrous consequences. Typically, the result has low quality and is less accurate compared to when an expert is hired.

    Quality translations

    The translations that we provide are of the highest quality because we have some of the best translators who are experts in different fields. Our people are native speakers of the language so you can definitely get excellent and precise translations.

    We recognise the challenge in completing translations that is why we make sure that we follow the best process possible which is already proven to meet and exceed the client’s requests and expectations.

    Prior to hiring our translators, they need to undergo extensive training and have to pass various tests to ensure their capacity. All of them are native translators who are hand-picked to guarantee that they can produce flawlessly natural translations.



    Here at DHC Translations we pride ourself on not only our translations but also our customer support. We would like to thank our clients for their continued support and for taking the time to rate our services. All reviews are taken directly from our google+ page.
    Translation Services
    Translation Services

    Great service, quick response and easy to organise. Had my documents translated the same day and a were completed to a very high standard. Definitively recommend them.

    French Legal Translation

    Excellent, prompt, polite and affordable service. I compared a few of the ones on offer and this company prove itself the most competitive. Kudos

    Alfredo B French Certificate Translation

    Excellent service, professional, very attentive to detail. Would certainly recommend and use again in the future. Thank you.

    Sasha Scott French Academic Translation

    Business Translations

    One of the most common business French translation services that majority of people are looking for is website translation. This is important if you are opening a website that is not from your country. Most of these websites don’t provide a translated French version.

    You may be tempted to use automatic online translation tools but often, these are not accurate which may have an effect on the people reading your content. Hiring professional translators from DHC Translation will give you assurance that all the information is grammatically correct and accurate at the same time.

    If you are into business, then you know how important consistency is in order to retain customers. If the information you provide is inconsistent, then you will surely lose customers.

    Our team at DHC Translations takes pride in regards to consistency with our French translation services. To ensure this, we will work with you throughout the process to guarantee uniformity when it comes to the terminology used as well as context. This is a very important factor especially in business translations.

    Guaranteed Quality

    The quality of French translation services is very important especially when the material translated has sensitive information which needs to be precise. Most of the time, a translator needs to clearly convey complicated thoughts or technical language and this is difficult to get from amateur translators.

    Just like in any other professions, the more experienced the professional is, the better the result will be. Our competent translators at DHC Translations invest time, energy, and resources to be able to provide high-quality services. That is why it is always recommended to hire professionals despite the translation service cost if you want a superb quality of translation.

    Culturally Correct

    Aside from providing comprehensible, grammatically sound and structured content, our professional native-speaking translators can give you complete assurance that the completed text keeps any cultural or native influences or bearing.

    A number of languages contain small distinctions from one region to another and our team of professional translators will identify these and include them in your completed translation.

    Medical Translations

    Medical document translation is needed so appropriate management and care can be given to patients who are from another country or those who speak a different language.

    A health care provider should be able to understand not just what the patient is saying but also what the patient records say. Common documents that may need translation include assessment documents, medical records, post-discharge instructions, and service agreements.

    Well-translated medical documents will help doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel understand the condition of a foreign patient. This will also be beneficial to the patients as this would make them aware of the details of the medical procedures that they have to undergo.

    A small error in the medical document can have serious consequences that is why medical translations should only be handled by professional linguists who are also well-versed when it comes to medical translation.

    There are instances when a translation requires the use of various technical terms like in medical translations for documents and even reports. Our team is very capable with these kinds of tasks because we have translators who are specialists in many fields. They can help during the translation procedure.

    If you need medical translations for documents and reports from French to English or even English to French, just contact us and we will assign the right team of professionals to you who will accomplish the tasks in no time at all.

    Translating French


    Our translations are accepted by all UK authorities including the Home Office and the General Medical Council.


    Our translators are experts in their various fields and languages with years of practical experience.


    Our linguists are trusted by thousands of clients and reputable businesses all over the world.

    24/7 SUPPORT

    We pride ourself on our customer support. Our support team is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to answer any queries you may have.


    Please fill in the form below to request a quote for professional certified translations for private or business use or if you just want to find out more information about our professional language services in general.

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      If you have more than 1 file please e-mail us at

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