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We only use certified translators. Our linguists are all professionals in their specific fields and languages.

German Translation Services

German is ranked as the 9th most spoken language in the world. This is why DHC Translations is committed to providing only the very best German translation services on the market. We are a company that provides high-quality, fast German Translation Services and we are responsible for helping a large fraction of people who demand exceptional translation service. Therefore, if you have German-speaking clients, customers and employees, you will need German translation services to communicate with them in their language.

We cater for a variety of German to English and English to German translation services from medical to legal, patents to technical, software and IP documents, financial, engineering and many others.

Our track record speaks for itself in regards to German business translations  as can be shown by our clients who are among the top companies in Germany such as Infineon, Siemens, Deutsche Telecom, SAP, and others.

Our company has a network of over 2,000 certified German translators who can provide the quality translation that you are looking for and can get the job done as quickly as possible. We always strive for the highest standards in our German translation service as we dedicate ourselves to aim for quality and accuracy on every job at hand.

Home Office And General Medical Council Approved!

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But wait, how much does a German translation cost?

Great question!

That depends on a few factors however for a basic price guide be sure to check out our translation prices page

Generally for German to English we charge £0.09 per word. We have a minimum fee in place of £20 for documents such as ID cards to driving licences which includes FREE certification.

Professional and Specialised Translators

Certified German Document Translations

Business analysts view the demands for German translation services due to the fact that German businesses have grown rapidly in recent years mainly due to some factors such as the social media storm and Germany’s constant rise as a global economic power. Last year, our German translators handled a huge project with 260 thousand German words. These translators have each of their specialised expertise in different fields.

Since German is widely spoken, it is vital that you get the correct translation for your document, product or even website. That is why our DHC Translation team of global linguists ensure that every German word translated is specifically tailored for the target region of the client. That way, cultural nuances and references are preserved and accurately approached.

Certified German Translation Services

DHC Translations is certified to do German translation services as its systems and processes are fully compliant with the UK government. Because of this certification, DHC Translations is able to provide translation services on different authenticated documents such as technical, medical and legal documents.

Quick Turnaround Time

To provide our customers with the ultimate German Translation services experience, we always assure them that their translated documents are delivered back to them not only on time but ahead of time. With our sophisticated delivery system, our team has the ability to monitor and delegate the job to a number of translators working on the project. In this case, you can let us know if you need your translated documents urgently delivered within your given deadline.

Translation Dictionaries and Memory

With the influx of translation services all over the world, it is worth it to have easy access to every tool such as translation dictionaries and translation memories. Here at DHC, we can make your German translation service more convenient with the use of our online libraries of extensive German terminologies.

We can guarantee you that your translation work is fulfilled at the highest quality, cost effectiveness and consistency with the use of our German certified translation.

German Translation Services Offered

Certified Document German Translation Services

Being one of the most trusted German translation services company in the world, DHC Translations offers a very broad array of services for several major industries.

Financial Translations

Financial services are one of the major players in the industry as the demand for German Translation services in this field is continuously growing. We always make sure to provide our clients in this area the highest quality translation they will ever need in one seating.

Our German financial translation team is composed of hundreds of translators and project managers equipped with training and experience in the financial market. Aside from document translation, we also offer an array of related services including virtual rooms, interpreters for presentation and meetings, compliance, regulatory, training support, e-learning, brand management and much more.

Many types of financial documents can also be worked on including 6-K Filings, 10-K Filings, Annual Reports, 529 Plan Communications, Bond Prospectuses, Bankruptcies, Foreign Registration, Initial Public Offerings, Fund Reports, Fact Sheets, Monthly Statements and a lot more.

Legal Translations

Aside from translating documents, DHC Translations also offers a range of German legal services that include electronic data discovery, virtual data rooms, document management, on-site document identification, deposition services, court reporting and transcription.

Our manpower structure are more of a network within a network, each having their speciality and expertise. We don’t only have certified translators, we have legally-trained linguists to provide translation services for legal matters and litigation. They are expert German translators with broad experience in translating legal documents such as leases, copyrights and trademarks, patent, acquisition and merger agreements, employment, trusts and wills, and a lot more.

Manufacturing Translations

DHC Translations has been of service to some of the major industry players in the construction business. We value the needs of these clients for high-quality German translation service as we are ready to deploy our experienced and highly-trained German translators for their projects.

Transcription, consulting, interpretation, staffing solutions, diversity, graphic services and typesetting are among the services being provided by our translators apart from document translation.

Advertising and Retail Translations

DHC Translations has been trusted by many publicity, PR, and marketing firms to provide top-notch German translation services and other related services. Our clients are offered the best linguists from among our network of German language specialists.

These translators have the expertise in translating German multicultural and multilingual projects in the field of advertising and communication. This includes providing German translations to brand consulting, graphics and typesetting, staffing services, subtitling and voice-overs, website localisation, interpretation and much more.


German Technology is at an all time high and that is why the demand for German translation services is increasing by leaps and bounds. We bolster our services by hiring German translators equipped with experience in handling matters about technology.

These specialised German linguists can provide you with the highest quality translation services about world-class German technology. These subjects include language testing, technical writing, software localisation, internationalisation, desktop publishing, documentation translation, website localisation and a lot more.


DHC has, since its inception, partnered with several public agencies including state, local, and federal. These agencies are provided with the most stringent quality of German translation services with its vast network of German language specialist. These linguists are skilled in working on a broad range of German translations such as transcription, graphics, and typesetting, staffing, and website localisation.

Because of this wide range of specialisations, DHC Translations can provide services to some parts of the government sectors. These departments include Healthcare, Labour, Energy, Agriculture, Finance, Homeland Security, and others.

Due to our very strict confidentiality, we are even trusted by some of the most sensitive agencies in the world such as the Department of Defence.

Life Sciences

DHC Translations is also responsible for handling translation in the field of medical and life sciences Our German translators have prior training and sufficient medical background to perform their duties as quality linguists for medical practitioners not only in Germany but in the rest of the world.

Our company provides services to all areas of enterprises in different fields of expertise including providers, pharmaceuticals, payers, biotechnology, healthcare marketers. We also cater to businesses that manufacture IVR, CROs, IVD and other medical devices.

We always understand the increasing demand for German translation services in the backyard of life and medical sciences. That is why our German linguists have the capacity to translate highly-sensitive medical documents and materials including CRFs, IFUs, clinical trial questionnaires, package labels, and inserts, informed consents, product datasheets, patient surveys and much more.

Promising highly competitive rates

Here at DHC Translations, you can get the best rates that a highly-recommended German translation services can offer as we are always looking for ways to come up with a price as competitive and as reasonable as possible.

We are glad to offer you our translation services at a starting rate of £40 with discounts on bulk projects, regardless of language or industry. While the use of certified translations is of course of the utmost important, it is mandated in our bylaws that all translated documents must be monitored and proofread before delivery to ensure 100% accuracy.

DHC Translations is not be labelled as one of the most trusted translation company in the business for nothing. We believe that our services are top-notch due to our disciplined and highly-skilled German translators whose dedication to quality and quick turnaround time are never ending.

Moreover, we do not cease to give value to our clients not only for our German translation services but for the rest of the languages that we support.


Our translations are accepted by all UK authorities including the Home Office and the General Medical Council.


Our translators are experts in their various fields and languages with years of practical experience.


Our linguists are trusted by thousands of clients and reputable businesses all over the world.


We pride ourself on our customer support. Our support team is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to answer any queries you may have.

The German Language

German is a language that belongs to the group of Germanic languages. As opposed to French (Italic) and English (other Germanic), which are analytical languages, German is a synthetic language: it is so by its ease of forming diminutives and compound words indefinite; It is so by its declination, which makes it possible, in order to indicate the relations between words, to replace certain prepositions by the terminations of its four cases; It is especially so by the construction of its sentence, in which frequent displacements and obligatory rejections of the verb and particles make this whole sentence, giving it a meaning only when it is completed, as an immense compound word. This avoids the periphrasis so common in other languages, but hence also a certain lack of clarity and sometimes precision, but also, for those who use this language, a continual effort of attention, A singular discipline. It is the translation of a special mode of thinking and is also, in some way, the creator.

It is impossible to give here an abridgment, even a succinct one, of German grammar, which is very complicated. Suffice it to say that there are three genres: the masculine, the feminine, and the neutral, a continual source of error for foreigners. The declension, as has been said, comprises four cases: nominative, genitive, dative and accusative, which are distinguished by the termination. The verbs are strong (irregular) or weak (regular), the first producing metaphor. German is a strongly accented language; It is therefore of the greatest importance, when reading or speaking, to mark the tonic syllable well. All the words of Germanic origin are pronounced, accentuating the radical syllable; The words drawn from French have the accent on the last effective syllable.

The German Language

The alphabet is the same as in French, except for the b, used in certain circumstances instead of the double s (a recent attempt to suppress this letter met with much resistance). In modern high German, the five vowels a, e, i (y), o, u, are pronounced as in the Italian language; The umlaut or the umlaut modifies the pronunciation of the vowels: ä (or ae) sounds like e in our mother word; Ö (or oe) as eu in fire; Ü (ue) as u in on; Ai and ei (or ey) as ai or as garlic in straw; At the pronounced aou; Eu and äu, as oï. C before e and i (y) acquires the sound of ts; Z has the same sound in all cases; G, always hard, pronounces like our g in guide; It is sometimes accompanied by a particular expiration to the Germanic languages; H is sucked before a vowel; Ch is about the equivalent of the Spanish jota; J is pronounced as a very hard i or as y in the English word yes: we roll the sound of r; V is our f; W is our v; Can be pronounced in three ways: (1) as in Latin, in combination if at the end of a syllable, or when this letter is double; (2) as z, before a vowel at the beginning of a word, or between two vowels; (3) as our ch at the beginning of words before some consonant, although in several parts of Germany it is pronounced as a s; Sch has the sound of our ch. By doubling a vowel, one lengthens the sound; Ie is an elongated one; H also lengthens a previous vowel.

Modern philology in Germany followed the first part of this program and rejected the second: the enthusiastic opinion which Klopstock expressed on the idiom of his country became a national dogma, and it was precisely this enthusiasm which sustained the forerunners Of German philology (Bopp, Grimm, Schmeller, Gabelentz, Loebe, Massmann, and so many others), when they sought to discover the origins of the Germanic language and stirred Laboriously all this dust.

A very curious result, which Grimm had not thought of, of this assimilation of the Getae and the Goths, is that the poet of the Metamorphoses, Ovid himself, would be the most ancient of the poets in the Germanic language. Exiled to the Getae, he had learned their language, and even the idea had come to him to rank among the singers whom these naive barbarian tribes listened with transports. One day he read to them a poem on Caesar, composed in the geographical language, and who knows whether the brilliant poet ever obtained such a success at Rome? When he had finished his reading, all the barbarians waved their heads, their quiver-loaded arrows, and a long murmur of approbation followed the last words of the poet (Pontius, letter XIII.).

Translating German

Translating books into English is a very special activity of the translator, which can not be compared with any other branch of this multifaceted profession.

German Translation

There is no greater challenge for a translator than the translation of a book from one language to another. It can not be compared with the translation of brochures and letters, operating instructions and advertising texts of any kind. Even a homepage is easier to translate than a book, because here the genre of literature flows into the work. That is why there is a unique title for the translation of books, and this is literary translation.

Whoever thinks the translator of books has a secure existence, is deceiving himself. Unfortunately, this special and very difficult work is not sufficiently rewarded. It is even the least paid translation work, for with no other kind of translation does its author deserve less than with this. It is a niche of the wide professional field that a translator can order. The book translator is highly praised, but he is still paid too badly for this great work.

If the money in the translation of books plays a rather subordinate role, what is the reason that translators translate into the English language at all? During his fascinating activity of translating a book, the translator practically lives in two worlds, which he tries to reconcile. He thinks and feels in two languages, which he must master from the ground up. The translator of a book into English is an individualist with a very special talent.


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