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All you need to do is send us your documents and let us know into which languages you require them to be translated.


Our same day service can have simple documents turned around in less than 1 day.


We only use certified translators. Our linguists are all professionals in their specific fields and languages.

    If you have more than 1 file please e-mail us at

    Professional Italian Translations

    You’re here because you’re looking for the best and most affordable Italian translation services.

    Well you don’t need to look any further, we have you covered. Head over to our contact page and we will be more than happy to accommodate you whether you represent a business or you are a private individual.

    Our certified translations are Home Office and General Medical Council approved and have always been accepted.

    We strive to provide the best price to our customers for the most cost-effective Italian translation services on the market.

    How much does it cost?

    Great question!

    That depends on a few factors however for a basic price guide be sure to check out our translation prices page.

    Generally for Italian to English translation or English to Italian translation we charge £0.09 per word. We have a minimum fee in place of £40 for documents such as ID cards to driving licences which includes FREE certification. We have Certified Italian Translators ready to get to work, just let us know what you require and we will do the rest!

    What documents can you translate?

    The fast answer is, any and all! For a more extensive list of the documents we translate please click here.

    Do you translate certificates?

    Yes of course. A standard Italian translation for a Marriage Certificate would cost £40. The translation will be fully certified by our agency. We can translate documents from italian to english or vice versa.

    We have a network of over 3,000 professional translators from all over the world.

    Our expert team will ensure that all of your translations are completed to the highest standard and that the translation will ead natural and appeal to your target reader.

    Urgent Translations

    Depending on the document or text required to be translated we can have everything turned around extremely fast.

    With our express service a standard Birth Certificate can be translated within around 1 working day and this includes proofreading. Our express service starts at an additional £15.

    Of course, the more complicated the document or text, the longer it can take but we will do everything we can to make sure that you get the certified Italian translation service that you require.

    Will the translation be certified?


    Our translations come fully certified as per the government’s requirements:

    “Certifying a translation If you need to certify an Italian translation of a document that’s not written in English or Welsh, ask the Italian translation company to confirm in writing on the translation: that it’s a ‘true and accurate translation of the original document’ the date of the translation the full name and contact details of the translator or a representative of the translation company”


    Can you also translate into foreign languages or just into English?

    Whether it be Italian to English or English to Italian our certified Italian translation services will ensure that your text or document is accurately translated.

    Are the translations officially recognised?

    Yes of course.

    All of our Italian translation services have always been accepted by embassies around the world. Request a FREE quote now using the form below or alternatively head to our contact page.

    Our translations have always been accepted by the Italian consulate and the Italian embassy.



    Here at DHC Translations we pride ourself on not only our translations but also our customer support. We would like to thank our clients for their continued support and for taking the time to rate our services. All reviews are taken directly from our google+ page.
    Translation Services
    Translation Services

    I needed an urgent translation of my Italian Birth Certificate and it was done on the same day. Very reasonable price and fast customer support. Would recommend.

    Italian Certificate Translation

    We wanted to expand our business into the Italian market and a colleague recommend DHCTranslations to us. They did a great job on our website and were available even on the weekend to discuss progress.

    Caterina Conti Italian Website Translation

    The courts required a “certified translation” of our documents and DHCTranslations managed to turn them around very quickly and the courts were satisfied with the end result. Thanks again!

    Thomas White Italian Legal Translation

    Translating Italian

    Typically when businesses need Italian translation services it's for either their website or legal documents. Having your website translated into Italian will make it infinitely easier for you to expand your business into the Italian Market as most Italians, contrary to popular belief, don't actually speak English.

    It is important to have the website translated by certified professionals to make sure that everything is translated accurately and for the text to read naturally. This is why we never employ the use of machine translation software. We believe translation is an art that requires real life translators, not a machine that translates word for word.

    We only employ certified Italian translators that have years of professional experience in the subject matter. Having in house translators ensures that we are able to provide you with the highest quality without the expensive price tag.

    We specialise in Italian certified translations for all types of documents, both for businesses and private indivuals alike. Our translators are all native speakers and always work in a team of at least 2 people so that both the source and target languages are completely understood.

    The Italian Language

    Translating Italian

    Did you know that the Italian language is based on the Florentine dialect?

    <p class="servicestext"Italian comes from the Vulgar Latin, spoken in Italy in antiquity; It is a Romance language and is part of the Italic group of the Indo-European family of languages.

    <p class="servicestext"Today there are several regional variants of our language, but the modern is based on the Florentine literary Italian used in the fourteenth century by the "Three Crowns": Dante, Petrarch and Boccaccio; between 1230 and 1250 it suffered the influences of the Sicilian School of Jacopo da Lentini.

    In essence, the standard Italian of today comes from fourteenth-century Florentine vernacular, purified by its local connotations.

    But in fact,

    since the end of the fourteenth century the language that was used in Florence had dissociated itself from this linguistic model, which was later codified by non-Florentine literati, from Pietro Bembo in "Prose della Volgar Language".

    From the second half of the sixteenth century it was used for writing across the country and right from this stage the historians of the language began to speak of "Italian."

    was the everyday language for a few.

    In the second half of Alessandro Manzoni he proposed to "wash clothes in the Arno", that it is to adopt the Florentine as the official language of Italy, but ignoring the fact of more "dialectal aspects", so that there could be a common language, given that Italy was about to become a nation; that’s what was proposed by his most important work, "The Betrothed".

    In addition to political unification, and the First World War, that which was essential in the diffusion of the language was then the advent of television.

    Taking a step back, the first poet in the Italian language is considered Dante Alighieri, but in fact the first poems in the vernacular were of Francis of Assisi and Jacopone.

    In the work "De vulgari eloquentia" Dante analysed the "question of the vernacular", calling the attention of intellectuals of the time on what could be the literary language to be adopted.

    Although in the end it was the Florentine Italian that was chosen and "purified", Dante identified in the vernacular of the literati of all Italian cities that this was the best solution.

    But what about “standard Italian”?

    One wonders then how it is defined today.

    It is understood as the linguistic norm for communication that there are several definitions of standard Italian, for example, Darden (2005), calls it "a language that has been artificially levelled as a result of contacts with other varieties and to 'normalising action sets mainly from political power".

    According Bonomi (2010), however, is defined as the language inherited from literary tradition, described in grammars and taught in schools and foreigners.

    "To conclude, we must not forget the fact - emphasised by scholars in the field - that the standard in speech is owned by a very limited number of speakers (about 1% of the population): actors of cinema and theatre, voice actors, radio and television announcers who have completed courses in diction, some teachers and professors particularly sensitive topic.


    Our translations are accepted by all UK authorities including the Home Office and the General Medical Council.


    Our translators are experts in their various fields and languages with years of practical experience.


    Our linguists are trusted by thousands of clients and reputable businesses all over the world.

    24/7 SUPPORT

    We pride ourself on our customer support. Our support team is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to answer any queries you may have.


    Please fill in the form below to request a quote for professional certified translations for private or business use or if you just want to find out more information about our professional language services in general.

    We aim to reply within 30 minutes. If you haven't received a reply please be sure to check your spam folders and add our e-mail to your allow list.

      If you have more than 1 file please e-mail us at

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